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kvalitní smrk ze zimní těžby
110 kusů: trámky 100×80mm délky 2m
5ks závitová tyč M12, délky 230cm

Je tam pár chyb, kterých se vyvarujeme:
- lépe zaizolovat podlahu (extruďákem zespodu)
- zaizolovat nehořlavě kouřovod procházející stěnou
- pevnější podlaha pod kamny a přívod vzduchu pod ně
- nepoužívat lepidlo (uvolňuje škodliviny)
Ty malé netěsnosti mezi trámy nevadí, nemusíš dělat větrání v horním rohu.

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    For all of the reasons mentioned above, homemade composting toilets probably won’t pass muster with your local building department. Whenever you engage in a home remodeling project or install a new fixture like a toilet, it’s important to check your local building code to see what permits or approvals are needed for the work. If composting toilets aren’t an approved waste treatment method in your city yet, it’s usually pretty easy to get a building department to approve a professionally manufactured system. Just print out the product specifications and certifications and take them to your local officials. With a homemade system, it’s not quite that easy,, and most home made toilets aren’t going to pass code.

    Secondary treatment removes the biological contaminants that are polluting the water, or at least reduces them to an acceptable level. Quite simply, this is done by exposing the water to various types of bacteria that literally eat the pathogens out of the water. There are different types of processes to accomplish this,, but the majority of wastewater treatment plants use aerobic processing. This means that the bacteria need oxygen in order to break down the pathogens in the water. In aerobic processing,, the water will need to be aerated so as to provide sufficient oxygen to the bacteria.

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    we only make high-quality imitations with favorable price and quality assurance,
    The appearance is exactly the same as the original

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